Singapore is getting bigger with Imports from its neighbours

Singapore is currently the world’s largest importer of sand and has grown by about 24% in land size in the last 60 years. Thanks to land reclamation the country has grown to 724.2 square kilometres in 2018 as compared to its land size of 581.5 square kilometres in 1959.

But where does all the Sand Come from and at what cost?

An Award Winning documentary Lost World shot in 2018 is gaining more wide spread attention and may have some answers to this question.

The 16-minute documentary by a Cambodian filmmaker claimed Singapore has imported over “80 million tons of sand worth more than US$740 million (S$999 million) from Cambodia”.

The 2018 documentary by Ms Kalyanee Mam, who won an award for it at an environmental film festival held in Washington, United States, in March, claimed that Singapore’s need for sand has destroyed the livelihood of a community on an island off Cambodia’s coast (Koh Sralau).

Today Online reveals that Sand imports are now banned from Cambodia, but the new sources are not made public. But media reports reveal that import now come from Philippines and Myanmar.

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