The Creepiest garden on the planet is in Japan

This incredibly creepy garden in Japan’s Toyama prefecture is home to 800 life-like statues, following your every move with their unnervingly blank stares.

The sculptures were created in the late 1980s at the request of a prominent local businessman called Mutsuo Furukawa, at an estimated cost of 6 billion yen (A$78.5 million).

While some appear to be Buddhist deities, many are thought to be people he knew during his lifetime, because he wanted them to be with him for eternity.

He even commissioned a tall statue of himself, overlooking the park.

It’s believed he intended the garden to be a place of relaxation, and that he wanted to enhance the well-being of the local people while promoting tourism.



Video Source: The Great Big Story

Cover Picture Source: Ken Okhi

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