Now, there’s even a Christmas Tree Haircut

Sarai Speer, a Hair Artist in Kansas, USA is trending for her unique hair cutting technique. She calls it the “Whoville Christmas Tree” haircut.

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Here’s the video @insiderbeauty Made about my “Whoville Christmas Tree” Cutting technique. 🚨 Warning: if you have never done this, don’t just go HAM on your next client’s hair!! I have been doing this technique for years and IT WORKS FOR ME AND MY CLIENTS. THIS TECHNIQUE ISN’T FOR EVERYONE!!!!! I wouldn’t do this with any old shear, either. I use the BEST shear around….my @hanzonation Shears. This technique is done with my 6.5” Kamikaze. (My go to shear) I cut the perimeter first, dry the hair, then go back in and use this technique to texturize and soften the layers. I do NOT do this technique every single time I cut the clients hair. I do it about every 3-4 visits. It’s a great way to add softness and interior layering while debulking.

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No matter how crazy the technique, the results are keeping clients hooked on to this hairstylist.

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