A Silent GIF Image that you can HEAR only once you SEE it

A silent GIF posted on Twitter by a University of Glasgow psychologist is causing confusion with social media users across the globe as people admit to being able to ‘hear’ it.

The ‘Pylon Skipping Rope’ GIF shows three animated electricity pylons in a row, with the one in the middle skipping over multiple cables being rolled by the other two as a skipping rope.

People claim to be able to hear a mysterious thudding noise every time the skipping pylon lands on the ground, despite their being no music or sound accompanying the GIF.

Can’t speak for others, but I can certainly feel a loud thud vibrate through my ears each time the pylon skips the rope.

Scientists claim that the possibility of hearing something could be down to something called the Visually-Evoked Auditory Response, or ‘visual ear; for short – based on the idea is that the ability of some people to hear moving objects even though they don’t make a sound.

Such a response may be a subtle form of synaesthesia — the triggering of one sense by another.

Did you hear of feeling any vibration?

Article Courtesy: glasgowlive.co.uk

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