This 8-year old karate kid goes viral

Meet 8-year-old Canadian Savino Quatela, a Martial Arts Black Belt who is a champion across the North American sports karate circuit. His antics are a must see to be believed.


Savino’s father, Joe Quatela, says the boy has an incredible talent for studying other fighters on video and adding their skills to his own repertoire. That talent sets Savino apart from most of his peers, including older brother Matteo, 10, who also competes at world championship tournaments.

Savino and his older brother Matteo got into martial arts by chance four-and-a-half years ago, during a trip to pick up pizza with their father. They spotted several people training through the windows of Pulse Martial Arts Academy next door, and were fascinated by the whole thing. Quatela decided right then and there to sign both boys for taekwondo lessons.

Savino now holds a black belt and has competed in 11 of 12 competitions in the North American Sports Karate Association tournament over the last year. Many of those competitions have pitted him against boys up to two years his senior.

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