This toy is sold every 35 seconds on ebay

With millions sold across the world, the Fingerlings have become the most sought-after toy among holiday shoppers.

The Fingerling, a five-inch monkey that grips your finger with its legs and arms, as it babbles, blows kisses and blinks its eyes. Cradle a Fingerling in your hand and it drifts off to sleep. Press the Fingerling’s head and it passes gas.

The Fingerling resembles a resembles a pygmy marmoset, an Amazonian monkey.

The $15 monkey is sold every 35 seconds on eBay. It’s become so hard to find that it is available on auctions from 10 times the price.

At a time when the toy industry is struggling for the attention of children obsessed with smartphones and tablets, Fingerlings have become the perfect answer.

We are sure to hear more about the Fingerlings in the weeks and months to follow. We will leave you with the below video.

Video Courtesy: The Insider

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