The Loneliest Rhino on the planet

Above is the tweet went viral on Nov. 6. A photo of a lone rhinoceros, resting with its chin on the dusty ground of a wooden enclosure. The caption read, “Want to know what extinction looks like? This is the last male Northern White Rhino. The Last. Nevermore.”

Though the rhino has been the last of his kind for years now. The second-to-last male northern white rhino died at the San Diego Zoo in December 2014. That left a single male, Sudan, shown in the viral photograph, who turns 44 this year and is very unlikely to produce any more offspring.

Sudan’s story may have suddenly got a low of awareness after the tweet, but unfortunately, it will take more than awareness to save northern white rhinos from extinction.

Sudan, currently lives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Sudan technically belongs to the Dvur Kralove Zoo, in the Czech Republic, but was moved to Kenya along with another male in 2009 in the hope that breeding attempts may be more successful than in Europe. But as of 2017, that has not happened.

Driven to Extinction

The northern white rhino once lived throughout northwestern Uganda, southern Chad, south-western Sudan, the eastern part of Central African Republic, and the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were poached to near extinction in the 1990’s. No northern white rhinos have been spotted since the year 2006.

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