Would you ride this 1000ft high swing without a harness?

In Ecuador, deep in the Andes, a Swing at the Edge of the World has become a major tourist attraction. It hangs from a tree overlooking a 1,000-foot cliff drop.

Video Courtesy: AJ+

As the video suggests, the swing was never intended as a tourist attraction. 75-year old Carlos Sánchez monitors one of the world’s most active volcanoes from a tiny treehouse.


Sánchez is the oldest member of Ecuador’s national Geophysical Institute and the only person in the world who operates a seismic monitoring station from the branches of a tree. For the past 18 years, he has lived all alone bound by a promise that he made long ago to serve as an unpaid volunteer just 2.5km from a crater that has been periodically spewing fire, smoke and molten lava since 1999.

Sanchez had built the swing in hopes that his grandchildren would come visit. But what happened instead was totally different. What started with a couple of travelers showing up to take a ride at the swing in 2014, now more than 100 people hike 2.5 hours up the mountain for a chance to ride the swing at La Casa del Arbol (The Treehouse)

Article Courtesy: bbc.com

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