This Math Teachers’ story will melt your heart

What a teacher does, matters every day, and there is a saying that the best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.

On Twitter recently, a teacher who goes by the name of Amy Mistika (@amymistika) shared her experience in handling one of her introvert students Yip Kah Shzen.

The mathematics teacher shared how when she first entered the noisy classroom, every student stood up to introduce themselves, with the exception of Kah Shzen who refused to do so, and just looked down at his desk.

One of his classmates told her, “Teacher, he’s shy” and that it was perfectly normal for him to act that way.

However, she took notice of his odd behavior which was persistent even when she shifted his seating position, placing him in front of the classroom – and devised a plan to closely monitor him.

And ever since she monitored him, she was surprised to find out that Kah Shzen was actually paying close attention in her classes. In fact, to her surprise, he copied apple to apple everything she had scribbled on the whiteboard.

Once he had his school tools, Kah Shzen started making progress and improving in his studies – he even submitted his homework on time and answered 80% of her questions correctly.

Below is a tweet from Amy showing Kah Shzen’s progress with math

“He’s not useless. He just needs extra attention and I personally gave him my attention,” she relayed, adding that she always made extra time to make sure he understood what was taught after each lesson.

While other teachers in school had long given up on Kah Shzen, Amy saw it pertinent to mould him into a better student.

The elated Amy relayed that Kah Shzen has taught her the true meaning of patience in educating someone.

“He taught me to never give up, and proved to me that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses,” she wrote.

This story proves that while the world is filled with a majority of extroverted people, we should be more aware of our surroundings as 20% of the population are deemed introverts.

And while introversion is often misconstrued with a negative judgment of being ‘shy’, there is a big difference, as introversion is a preference for solitude and minimally stimulating environments.

What teacher Amy succeeded to notice was paying attention to a student who is wired differently, who carries a lot of emotion on the inside, but most of the time, don’t show it externally.

All we need to do is take a moment to understand that it’s completely normal.

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