Belarusian granny finds a unique use of the light bulb and has the internet in awe

An 8 year old video of a Belarusian women playing blues on her guitar with a light bulb has received over 6 million views on Youtube.

Most of the people commenting on the YouTube video were touched by the performance, and wondered about the woman’s fate. A German news agency Ruptly TV eventually caught up with the 85 year old Belarusian, Lydia Drobyshevskaya.

“So many people just walk past. I couldn’t walk past a sight like that without at least a listen and a dollar in her cup. I’d love to hear her story. I hope she’s alright. It’s hard to tell if she’s homeless or poor or what,” one of the users said in a comment.

My fingers don’t allow me to play domra, but I used to be naughty while playing domra! I could actually play words on domra, a poem. And if a person wasn’t looking, he could have thought that it was a person speaking,” the woman said.

“When I’m in the street, people call me Guitar,” she added.

Article Courtesy: Ruptly TV

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