Teens owes $200,000+ to charity after tweet goes viral

19-year-old Danni Messina, a Washington State University student from Seattle, decided to use social media for a good cause and get her friends involved in raising money for Charity as part of Thanksgiving.

She tweeted from her personal account on Nov. 25 that she would donate 50 cents for every retweet and 25 cents for every “favorite” she received to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Within hours the tweet had thousands of retweets and favorites. As of Tuesday evening, nearly 199,000 people had retweeted the post and 460,000 favorited it — which translates to roughly $220,000. As per Messina, her original budget was just $1,000.

But Messina still wants to follow through on her promise. She started a GoFundMe account asking the public for a little assistance.


As this post is being written, Messina had received donations from 724 people for a total of more than $9,460. She set a goal of $50,000.

Messina was inspired to donate to St. Jude Hospital after learning her friend was spending Thanksgiving in the hospital with his grandmother.

Though Messina can’t come up with the $220,000 she promised, she hopes the effort will at least raise awareness for a good cause.

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