Watch the World’s Most Entertaining Police Recruitment Video

A Recruitment video released by the New Zealand Police force has gone viral on the internet garnering over a million views and reaching over 2.9 million Facebook users within 24 hours of launch.

More than 300 people have shown interest in joining the police after an innovative recruitment video was on 26th November.

The video is an action-packed and comedic take on policing in Aotearoa. The video, which runs for two-and-a-half minutes, stars a huge range of police staff “in a fun, fast paced sequence” and features all the different facets of police work, from the Armed Offenders Squad, to the dive and dog squads, the Eagle helicopter and youth aid officers, as well as frontline work.

NZ Police Commissioner Mike Bush has asked people to keep sharing the video via their own social media channels and to tag anyone they think will make a great cop.

Interested in joining the New Zealand Police? Go to and take the first step.

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