Tesla spends over $1 Billion every quarter for its 3 cars!!

Tesla is spending more than $1 billion per quarter to sustain its existing business and ramp up production of its troubled Model 3. For a company building just three cars, that’s worrisome.

But Investors are still pumping in money into Tesla and it does not seem to be anywhere near it’s end. To make the Model 3 a reality, Tesla will need even more cash or it may run out of money by 2018.

Elon Musk’s story telling has captivated both the public and investors alike. That is evident with money being raised for orders being taken for the new Tesla Truck and the Roadster ($250,000 per car) that are still several years away from being into production.

Reuters/Mike Blake

Despite all this, the 500,000 pre-order for the Tesla 3 is something unprecedented and never heard of in the auto industry. With Tesla having a history of Production challenges, it has its task cut out.

But as they say, with Elon Musk at the helm, nothing seems impossible!!

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